GLH strives for continual improvement with a view to exceeding customer expectations. Part of the process is an Intergrated Management System and Quality Assurance Certification.

Safety AS/NZS 4801

Safety AS/NZS 4801

Safety is the condition of being protected from harm. A certified safety system demonstrates your commitment to ensure your workers are safe.

Safety AS/NZS 4801 Occupational Health & Safety Management System is the Australian and New Zealand standard for safety management systems. Safe work practice is broadly recognised as a license to operate within the contemporary business environment in Australia. Ultimately zero incidents and 100% legal compliance is the goal for organisations. Both of these challenges require systematic management discipline.

Certification to the Australian and New Zealand standard for safety management system AS/NZS 4801 demonstrates that there is management commitment to safe work practices and the appropriate business infrastructure to make every reasonable attempt to bring certainty and consistency in safety performance.

Key Aspects:
• OHS Policy
• Planning
• Implementation
• Measurement and Evaluation
• Management Review

Key Benefits:
• Ensures you have an effective OHS policy and objectives
• Reduces workplace injuries
• A process to identify hazards and manage safety risks
• Demonstrate your commitment to safety to internal and external stakeholders
• Access to key markets

Quality ISO 9001

Quality ISO 9001

Quality is simple all you need to do is make your customers happy, eliminate errors, provide a framework that workers can follow and create products or services people value.

What is ISO9001 Quality Assurance?

Quality Assurance stemmed from the realisation that delivering a quality product or service is actually good for business. It also evolved from the understanding that delivering a quality product or service does not just occur at the end of the delivery process – that is, on delivery to the customer – but it starts at the beginning and encompasses all the processes that go into making the product or performing the service.

Quality Assurance, at its simplest, is making sure your business fully understands what your customers want and makes sure you can deliver on those requirements efficiently.

Most businesses have their processes for product or service supply well defined and operating reasonably effectively. Nearly all, however, also acknowledge that there is always potential for improvements – and that’s where ISO9001 comes in.

ISO9001 is a structured approach for the key processes needed to deliver your product or service. ISO9001 defines what an effective Quality Management System should comprise. Starting with a statement of intent (Quality Policy), the ISO9001 structure is a guide to the suite of business processes proven to be effective in achieving your intended quality outcomes.

The business processes captured by ISO9001 are not solely focused on those that make your product or deliver your service, but cover peripheral, but no less important, business processes such as: internal and external communications, responding when things go awry, setting up specific measures to track performance, recording information to see where problems are occurring (more importantly, tracking tends to identify problems before they occur) and formalising a review of processes by senior management, amongst others.

When you think about it, a Quality Management System is a specialised communication tool – communicating with your customers to know what they want, communicating with your workers so they know what is required, communicating within the organisation itself so everyone knows what their role and responsibilities are, and communicating with management at all levels, through measurable indicators, so they can assess performance.

ISO9001 is an internationally recognised Standard that has evolved from a more prescriptive approach to that of defining the processes needed to focus on product and service quality. Effective implementation of ISO9001 has proven beneficial for a wide variety of companies all around the world.